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Alfa Wassermann - Mexico


A succesful corporate strategy

Alfa Wassermann’s strategy is based on three guidelines which, over the years, have assured the group constant and balanced growth.

Research, for opening up new roads towards health

Alfa Wassermann dedicates a large amount of its resources to the development of new drugs, focussing on specific fields of treatment. This is a vital investment in a sector like the pharmaceutical one, which requires constant innovation.

Technology, for assuring safety

Alfa Wassermann constantly develops new technologies in order to obtain high quality standards and elevated levels of efficiency in its production processes. This is because health does not make allowances for uncertainty.

Internationalization, for working with a global vision

For many years, Alfa Wassermann has chosen to open up to the world, thus anticipating a trend which later took hold in all production sectors. Internationalization brought new assets to the Group, not only in terms of markets but also of ideas, different mentalities, and a new way of working in the pharmaceutical world.