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Alfa Wassermann - Mexico


Letter the Director

Dear visitor:

I am pleased to welcome you to Alfa Wassermann, S.A. de C.V. Thank you for your invaluable trust.

Our long world career as a great Pharmaceutical Group with Italian heart, supported by more than 65 years of experience, allows us to offer you the best of services and our commitment to satisfy your health needs in an efficient and opportune way.

Alfa Wassermann has researched, manufactured and distributed drugs of essential importance for human health, allowing people to be benefited by our recent discoveries in that area, in which we are still dedicated with great devotion and enthusiasm.

Our goal is to achieve excellence through the experience and passion of the people working in our company.

Therefore, we put this site at your disposal so you can know more about our company and duly inform you about our drugs and health related events, in both local and corporative level. We aim to be by your side every time you need us.

Thank you for your preference. Kindest regards,